So today, because I must be completely clueless, I remembered I had a blog. I decided to g-o-o-g-l-e (Kim Zolciak, anybody?) my blog. I secretly hoped while I was away, forgetting my blog even existed, it became viral and Wendy Williams wanted me on her show to do an interview…. (How you doin’ ?) Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Apparently between dreaming about meeting Wendy and the book turned movie deal I looked at my computer screen. Oh MY GOODNESS! The results I saw were shocking to say the least. Let’s just say that “girth” wasn’t the best choice to use in my blog title. After deciding to tailor my search to “girl vs girth wordpress” I wondered if my naivety was a thing of the past? Was it possible that something totally innocent in this modern world can become something dirty so quickly? When did that happen, or was I just out of the loop? When did the word “girth” become solely associated with a man’s…best friend? Does my blog need a new name? I was freaking out. All I could imagine was my dear, sweet, grandma googling my blog and seeing “Penis size: Is it better to be above average in girth than in…”

Side note: While freaking out, I unwillingly admired the fact I had no subscribers, comments, visits, glances, postcards, sticky notes, or anything! I don’t blame you out there. I haven’t been loyal to this thing so why should you? PLEASE Don’t give up on me yet. I haven’t…

Long story short, in light of my recent experience I have decided to consider changing my blog title. Yes, I know is some weird cosmic way I’m attributing to the idea that girth has become a dirty wordy but I don’t think I can handle this sacred place being mistaken for something other than a blog of the life of a girl who happens to be fat. Any suggestions? Just leave comments below.


girth |gərθ|noun

1 the measurement around the middle of something, esp. a person’s waist.

• a person’s middle or stomach, esp. when large.

This dictionary definitely got it wrong.