Hello Cyboys and Cygirls!

I hope this message finds you well. I’ve decided to keep myself focused and hopefully to help you all stay focused on health, happiness, and self-love, I will be  featuring at least one new song per month on Girl vs Girth. Why? Well, I told you before I use music to push myself forward aka motivate myself to get up and do something! So, I want to share my recent picks for motivational songs with you! Now, I’m not guaranteeing that the song will be fitness related, but it will be a song to motivate , inspire, and urge you to keep on keeping on…and sometimes it’s just going to be something I’m grooving to at the moment. :~)

Now, I know you all know Beyoncé’s Get Me Bodied. It had us sweating to bits in the club and of course is a permanent staple on my workout playlists. However, en-light of Mrs. Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign Beyoncé has been gracious enough to remix the song and gear it toward getting kids off of the couch and moving! Not only that but the Campaign also discusses nutrition , the elimination of food deserts, as well as the importance of parents and caregivers also being active healthy examples for their children. So as Beyoncé said in Get Me Bodied, “Snap for the kids. Snap for the kids. Snap in a circle three times…” *snap* *snap*

Maybe you didn’t know but I love Mrs. Obama to bits. I think she is a brilliant, inspirational, intelligent person and I am proud that she is starting a campaign to fight childhood obesity. Seeing as I was an obese child and am now an obese adult I understand the importance of instituting healthy eating and activity habits as a youngster. I wish someone recognized this problem when I was young instead of calling my obvious obesity “baby fat.” (Sidenote: I was 10…that was just regular fat.) Don’t think you have to be a kid to take part in this campaign; it’s for all of us: short, tall, big, small, black, white, young, old…It’s about getting America moving and I, for one, am partaking in this with full force.

So today I urge you to learn the flash dance/workout routine from the video. It’s easy. Do it around your house…In the club…with friends…at weddings…IN CHURCH! AMEN! (ok maybe not in church…lol) But you get the picture. It’s fun! It will get you pumped to workout.  Instead of jogging or running to warm up (*yawn* BO-RIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGG) DANCE TO THIS! I’m not a fitness expert. I’m not sure how many calories this song burns but I can tell you this, as a fellow fatty I was up dancing in no time. :~) So give it a try. The song says it best, “I ain’t worried doing me tonight. A little sweat ain’t neva hurt nobody. Don’t just stand there on a wall! Everybody Move Your Body. Move Your Body. MOVE YOUR BODY!”