Today the Thread, an entity of Yahoo! Shine , had Ashley Falcon (author of Marie Claire‘s Big Girl in a Skinny World column) address issues dealing with myths related to plus size fashions. Mostly she debunked all the plus size fashion “don’ts” we’ve heard all of our lives. Well I’m afraid to say I’ve never listened to any of that hubbub about wearing only solid colors and muumuus. It just isn’t my style. So in celebration of  fully embracing our lumps, bumps, and curves I urge you to try some of her tips. Just to add to what Ms. Falcon said, I have a set of definite Do’s that I consider at all times and hope you will too.

DO wear color. (Black isn’t the only thing that can look slimming.)

DO wear jeans. (Proper fit is essential.)

DO wear shape-wear…I personally love having extra support.  It will give you cleaner lines under your clothes. And if you get it in the correct size and support level (they range from light to extra firm support) you will feel confident!

DO what makes you feel comfortable. If it’s hot, go sleeveless. If you’re at the beach don’t smother yourself in clothes, find the most flattering swimsuit you can. Hint: Wearing more clothes doesn’t conceal your size it just makes you HOT! And not in the good way. ;~)

So, I hope all you plus size fashionista hopefuls out there will check out the video.

Happy Wednesday!

Hugs and Kisses,


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