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Hello out there cyboys and cygirls,

I’m back!!! It’s the first of the month and you know what that means… It’s time for our Featured Song of the Month!!!

This month I’ve decided to go with an artist I have admired for a some time now. You may know him as  Donald Glover, but to those who follow his music he’s lovingly called Gambino; that’s Childish Gambino. This artist whose lyrical prowess is anything but childish, has been on the underground hip-hop scene for a while. Not only is a talented rapper and actor, he is an accomplished comedian and television writer. If you check out his blog, you’ll see that Mr. Glover has a penchant for clothes, food, music, women, and “generaldopness.” The comedic actor who has often talked about and capitalized on his “black nerd” status, has in recent years gained a lot of attention for his recurring role as Troy on the hit-tv show “Community.”

With the drop of his recent EP, Gambino has been pushed further into the limelight as his song Freaks and Greeks was featured in a recent Champs Sports/Adidas commercial featuring Dwight Howard. With that said, I can definitely say this is Gambino’s time. And although this song is from an earlier LP (I Do Not Talk) which was recently re-released, it’s definitely noteworthy. Although I don’t look better in real tight sweaters, this song’s cheeky upbeat vibe and throwback beats makes it a perfect hit for the summer.

Check it out.