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So after writing such a riveting article on my new-found love for, with the start of the new school year I decided to return to Weight Watchers. Why? Well there are several reasons but none of them have to do with myfitnesspal. I LOVE My Fitness Pal. It’s just I lack the discipline to commit to it at this time. Apparently the only way I can stay committed to tracking calories is if I know I’m paying good money to do so. So back to Weight Watchers I go. Yes, this is sad but it’s true. This time I’ve decided that to really make health and fitness a habit I will try the system for more than 3 months. I’ll probably try 6 months to a year…or longer. Although I was confident I had grasped all I needed to learn the first time around, apparently I hadn’t learned what to do when you hit a a snag or rather a gigantic boulder in the road and crash. So like my mom always says, “If you get lost, just start from the beginning.” That’s exactly what I’m doing. I mean I’ve done it before and I can do it again…Right?

Happy Health and Fitness,


Sidenote: Since rejoining Weigh Watchers I’ve lost a total of 17.4 in 6 weeks. (I know that’s a little bit fast but I’m happy to be making some progress.) :~) IT WORKS PEOPLE! It does!


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Hello out there,

I know I’ve been M.I.A lately but things have been pretty busy. Although I haven’t been blogging I have been reading a lot of interesting articles lately about health and wellness. So to show you I’m still thinking about you I just wanted to share them with you all!

I hope you find them interesting too.

Much Love,



As promised I’m coming back to you with a new song of the month. “Shame” is one of the many amazing tracks on Miss Jill Scott’s highly anticipated new album “The Light of the Sun” *.  Now, I’m not sure how many of you are into Neo-Soul, but I have been a fan of Neo-Soul and Miss Jill Scott‘s since I was little. Not only is she a Plus-Size Diva in every sense of the word, but she is an amazingly inspirational woman. Her talent is vast and widespread: Actress, Poet, Singer and Mother, Miss Jill Scott has been a staple in the black community and in directly the Plus-size community. And “Shame” does not lack Miss Scott’s usual style and confidence. The song, which features Eve and The A Group, is a spirited testament of ferocity in a woman who knows her worth. Thus, it is our Featured Song of the Month. Check out the video below, and listen to other tracks from “The Light of the Sun” on youtube.

* “The Light of the Sun” drops June 21.

Hello everyone! I’m back!  I feel better this week. Mostly because I’ve made my decision! So, everything is going well. I know you probably were thinking, “WTF Is this overly reflective BS?!?!?” I know…and I promise not to write another deeply self-reflective post again…Well, for now anyway. :~) With that being said, I hope you find the following post encouraging and thought-provoking. Stay happy and healthy!

Much Love,



This topic came to mind as I was cruising the internet the other day. I thought about how people consistently ask me, “What’s your goal weight?” I suppose I should have an answer but I don’t. I mean even at my size I never wanted to be “skinny.” I don’t have a goal weight, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have goals. Generally they deal with overall health and not vanity. I want to walk up a flight of stairs without feeling as though I’m going to die. I want to run short and long distances. I want to have more energy. These are my top priorities…but don’t get me wrong. I am young; and like any other woman my age I want to feel sexy and desirable. I just don’t have a specific size that I believe will make me feel that way. To be honest if you catch me on the right day, even now, I feel FINE  AS HELL… 😀 I’m not saying I’m prefect. I too have some fairly vain reasons for wanting to slim down. Particularly I would like to wear heels without feeling like an elephant balancing on stilts. Then, I would like to not have to wear “supportive undergarments” with every dress I own. (BTW: When you’re my size you better batten down the hatches, otherwise it looks like you never stop moving. You just constantly jiggle. It’s like a life-size bowl of jello. lol It’s just not a good look.)

Despite all that, I am a HUGE advocate for Size acceptance and being healthy at every size. Even while embarking on my own weight-loss journey I believe that people should work toward being healthy, not being skinny. And although people automatically associate a slender frame with being healthy, clearly this is not the case, because there are many people with severe eating disorders that cause them to be thin and unhealthy. That is an extreme but there are also “normal” sized people who aren’t healthy either. Generally they look “okay” on the outside but their internal systems are shot to hell. On the other hand, there are many people with eating disorders that cause them to be hefty and extremely unhealthy as well. The trick is to find a balance. Not everyone isn’t meant to thin. Some people just aren’t meant to be large. However, the problem comes when society tries to force the idea there is one type of beauty, or personification of health. Society strongly believes that there is only one way to be those things and being very slender is it. Unfortunately, I don’t believe this idea will change any time soon, but in recent years we have seen a global initiative to disprove this idea. But what can you do to help?

Well, next time you feel “fat” stop and consider what made you feel that way. Was it the 2 liter of soda you just drank. Or  was it the medium pizza you ate in one sitting. If that is the case, perhaps it isn’t that you feel “fat” but rather unhealthy. So the solution is simple. Change your habits! Hit the gym. Drink more water. Go see a doctor. However, proceed with caution. It is easy to get sucked into the Fat-talk we are all susceptible to.  It is easy to be hard on ourselves and even harder to love ourselves, rolls, bumps, lumps, cellulite and all. Try not to focus on a size per-say, but rather focus on overall health. I’ve found when I don’t watch the scale waiting for the pounds to slide off, they do just that. If I focus solely on the numbers on the scale I often feel discouraged if I haven’t met my goal; usually ignoring the small changes I’ve accomplished that week. For example: instead of saying I didn’t lose 2 pounds think about what you did accomplish. Did you walk a mile faster? Did you exercise longer? Were you sore after you workout? Did you lose inches? Did you eat less sugar and more protein? Did you drink more water? Etc. Focus on the small changes and ultimately they will lead to big results.

Good Luck!

I’m in a very reflective mood. I have a lot on my plate. (A lot more than I’d wish to share here.) But the point is there’s a lot on my plate.

I’m young. I take pride in my youth, but with that fine feature comes many decisions… or choices. They’re kind of mini stepping-stones, that lead to big stepping-stones, that leads to one of two things: mountains or mole hills. At my unbelievably large stature I already have a pretty HUGE mountain in my way (which is slowly becoming a mole hill). It often hinders me from pursuing the dreams I have had since I was young but I have never let it fully control my life… (I also take pride in that.) Where I’m trying to go with this is that in life, at all ages, we have decisions to make and sometimes we don’t know which ones will lead to challenges or road blocks in the future whether BIG or small. And at this young age, I’m at that point where the decisions I’ll make will impact my future. It will lead to success or failure…or some muddled place where both have occurred and I still come out ok. :~)

So today, in the midst of making a major decision, I tried to ease my mind with jumpy rhythms, and a Trumpet’s screaming mad jumbled music in my ears while reading Kerouac. And strangely enough, I looked over and saw what I’ve been look for… proof that there is hope even when we (mostly I) have no clue what to do, or where to turn.

“Believe.” A simple $5 bookmark from Barnes&Noble casually tossed aside as I tore through the pages of On the Road trying to ease my mind, gave me the answer to my prayers and the hope to go on. And in that moment I had to write.

“Believe.” This slender silver beacon of light elegantly adorned with a purple ribbon gave me hope. “Believe.” “Believe.” “Believe.” The word rang in my mind. “Believe.” As if the Big Man upstairs sent this wonderfully modest token to me in a time when comfort is what I needed most. “Believe.” Shortly following this revelation my mind filled with songs about belief, and faith. “Believe” from The Polar Express. “Believe In Yourself” from the Wiz  “Clap your heels three times if you believe… Believe in yourself, because I believe in you.” – Glinda, The Wiz

“Believe.” One word whittled into a bookmark. “Believe.” Was it really that simple? I began to cry…That’s where you find me now; in midst of tears, racked with emotion, thankful to God for showing me his love in such a simple form.


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