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Today I stumbled upon the following article on I found it interesting and thought you would too. Here is a snippet from the article. Check out the entire article here → Big Girls, Confidence and Shame (Full Article)

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Big Girls, Confidence and Shame

by  Chelsey Wilkins

This past spring break, a couple of friends and I decided to spend a week where the weather is warm and the streets are buzzing, a place called South Beach Miami.

As someone who has always battled with her weight, my preparation for my vacation became extensive. I was in the gym everyday for hours trying to create a body to compete with the beauty queens, video models, and the other perfect beings I envisioned would be laid out on the sand. After weeks of workouts and dieting, I felt great. I was genuinely proud of my transformation. Yet, I still wasn’t sure if I was beach ready.

When I touched down in Miami, I was enthralled. I was ready for the wild and reckless adventures that would define my Spring Break.

First destination, the beach!

My excitement quickly turned into uncertainty, was the world ready for my “beach body”? With immense hesitation, I reached for the only one-piece bathing suit I packed, and quickly covered myself with my sheer floral print sarong. It was then that I felt ready and confident to reveal myself to other spring-breakers.

As I walked along the beach, my visions became reality. The women were perfect. There were skinny girls, models, and beautiful women in their bikinis. Thank God I brought my cover-up. As I continued to walk further along the beach, the images changed. There were big girls in bathing suits.

I must admit, at first I was shocked. Many of these women walked around as if they owned the world in their two-piece bathing suits, unafraid to let it all hang out. Bumps, lumps, and curves were exposed. Wow, they have no shame…


Above everything else Chelsey says in the article, I am mostly interested in the questions that she raises.

“Are these women really confident or is it something else? Is their confidence really a lack of shame in their current size? Better yet, is it ok to be ashamed of certain attributes, or should we be proud of it all?”

Personally after reading the entire article I’m not sure were I stand on the issue, but I was hoping that you all would give me some feedback.

What do you think? 


I’m in a very reflective mood. I have a lot on my plate. (A lot more than I’d wish to share here.) But the point is there’s a lot on my plate.

I’m young. I take pride in my youth, but with that fine feature comes many decisions… or choices. They’re kind of mini stepping-stones, that lead to big stepping-stones, that leads to one of two things: mountains or mole hills. At my unbelievably large stature I already have a pretty HUGE mountain in my way (which is slowly becoming a mole hill). It often hinders me from pursuing the dreams I have had since I was young but I have never let it fully control my life… (I also take pride in that.) Where I’m trying to go with this is that in life, at all ages, we have decisions to make and sometimes we don’t know which ones will lead to challenges or road blocks in the future whether BIG or small. And at this young age, I’m at that point where the decisions I’ll make will impact my future. It will lead to success or failure…or some muddled place where both have occurred and I still come out ok. :~)

So today, in the midst of making a major decision, I tried to ease my mind with jumpy rhythms, and a Trumpet’s screaming mad jumbled music in my ears while reading Kerouac. And strangely enough, I looked over and saw what I’ve been look for… proof that there is hope even when we (mostly I) have no clue what to do, or where to turn.

“Believe.” A simple $5 bookmark from Barnes&Noble casually tossed aside as I tore through the pages of On the Road trying to ease my mind, gave me the answer to my prayers and the hope to go on. And in that moment I had to write.

“Believe.” This slender silver beacon of light elegantly adorned with a purple ribbon gave me hope. “Believe.” “Believe.” “Believe.” The word rang in my mind. “Believe.” As if the Big Man upstairs sent this wonderfully modest token to me in a time when comfort is what I needed most. “Believe.” Shortly following this revelation my mind filled with songs about belief, and faith. “Believe” from The Polar Express. “Believe In Yourself” from the Wiz  “Clap your heels three times if you believe… Believe in yourself, because I believe in you.” – Glinda, The Wiz

“Believe.” One word whittled into a bookmark. “Believe.” Was it really that simple? I began to cry…That’s where you find me now; in midst of tears, racked with emotion, thankful to God for showing me his love in such a simple form.


Today I realized that I set out to make this blog be more than a bevy of weight-loss related topics. I mean the blog is called Girl vs. Girth but like I said on my about page there’s a lot more to me than that. So, I’m headed in a few new directions. Don’t worry, I’ll still cover my battle with Girth but I believe it’s time to spread my wings. With that said, I would love to introduce some new topics to this page but I’m not sure what people would like to hear about. So if you have any suggestions simply comment below. I really would love to hear your ideas, because right now I’m stumped.

Best Wishes,


P.S. I have decided to keep the name. I figured to heck with it; I can’t control people’s minds…but wouldn’t it be great if I could? hmmm…

Happy Tuesday,


P.P.S Check out the article below.


So today, because I must be completely clueless, I remembered I had a blog. I decided to g-o-o-g-l-e (Kim Zolciak, anybody?) my blog. I secretly hoped while I was away, forgetting my blog even existed, it became viral and Wendy Williams wanted me on her show to do an interview…. (How you doin’ ?) Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Apparently between dreaming about meeting Wendy and the book turned movie deal I looked at my computer screen. Oh MY GOODNESS! The results I saw were shocking to say the least. Let’s just say that “girth” wasn’t the best choice to use in my blog title. After deciding to tailor my search to “girl vs girth wordpress” I wondered if my naivety was a thing of the past? Was it possible that something totally innocent in this modern world can become something dirty so quickly? When did that happen, or was I just out of the loop? When did the word “girth” become solely associated with a man’s…best friend? Does my blog need a new name? I was freaking out. All I could imagine was my dear, sweet, grandma googling my blog and seeing “Penis size: Is it better to be above average in girth than in…”

Side note: While freaking out, I unwillingly admired the fact I had no subscribers, comments, visits, glances, postcards, sticky notes, or anything! I don’t blame you out there. I haven’t been loyal to this thing so why should you? PLEASE Don’t give up on me yet. I haven’t…

Long story short, in light of my recent experience I have decided to consider changing my blog title. Yes, I know is some weird cosmic way I’m attributing to the idea that girth has become a dirty wordy but I don’t think I can handle this sacred place being mistaken for something other than a blog of the life of a girl who happens to be fat. Any suggestions? Just leave comments below.


girth |gərθ|noun

1 the measurement around the middle of something, esp. a person’s waist.

• a person’s middle or stomach, esp. when large.

This dictionary definitely got it wrong.

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