The Battle Begins…

This is a commentary on the life of a girl who happens to be fat, overweight, “big boned”, which ever phrase makes you feel comfortable.  This is a small glimpse into a much larger issue, dare I say an issue that could be larger than me! *gasp*  Yes, in a country where the minority desperately denies, demeans, and destroys the majority, my war with Girth has been tedious. I have been dealing with weight  issues for 14 years (most of my life) and now it is time for the final Battle.

Let me be clear. I may be a blogger who is Fat but this isn’t a fat blog, meaning I will talk about lots of things that pertain with my life not just my weight. There is so much more to me you know. ;~) You may find me to be many things, verbose is one, but in the end I hope you see that above all else I am a human being trying to find their way in this “crazy mixed up world.”  You may wonder who I am, but I am no one of great consequence and this blog may never be viral, but the Battle will be epic. You won’t want to miss it.

*wrestling announcer voice*

“Let’s get ready to do that thing which I can’t say here because of copyright infringement!”