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Check out this article from cocoandcreme.com  about some FABULOUS Plus-Size designers. Although the article entitled “Top Plus-Size Fashion Designers” does list several fantastic designers, I am shocked to see they neglected to add Yuliya Raquel of Igigi.com. I have rocked several of her designs personally. I have to say they are comfortable, sexy, and very flattering. I’m not the only one. Others who have worn her wears include Jill Scott and Nikki Blonsky.

However out of the designers listed one my personal favorites is Tennille White! This sista’s designs have been gracing Chicago streets for a while and after seeing her gorgeous frocks on BET’sRip the Runway 2011″ I was begging for more. Also featured is Monif C. She is definitely a veteran on the plus-size fashion scene and her swimwear this season is simply gorgeous. I mean, stop-and-stare gorgeous. So I hope you all with check out all the designers sites, (I definitely did!) and pick up a few items for yourself.

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Today the Thread, an entity of Yahoo! Shine , had Ashley Falcon (author of Marie Claire‘s Big Girl in a Skinny World column) address issues dealing with myths related to plus size fashions. Mostly she debunked all the plus size fashion “don’ts” we’ve heard all of our lives. Well I’m afraid to say I’ve never listened to any of that hubbub about wearing only solid colors and muumuus. It just isn’t my style. So in celebration of  fully embracing our lumps, bumps, and curves I urge you to try some of her tips. Just to add to what Ms. Falcon said, I have a set of definite Do’s that I consider at all times and hope you will too.

DO wear color. (Black isn’t the only thing that can look slimming.)

DO wear jeans. (Proper fit is essential.)

DO wear shape-wear…I personally love having extra support.  It will give you cleaner lines under your clothes. And if you get it in the correct size and support level (they range from light to extra firm support) you will feel confident!

DO what makes you feel comfortable. If it’s hot, go sleeveless. If you’re at the beach don’t smother yourself in clothes, find the most flattering swimsuit you can. Hint: Wearing more clothes doesn’t conceal your size it just makes you HOT! And not in the good way. ;~)

So, I hope all you plus size fashionista hopefuls out there will check out the video.

Happy Wednesday!

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I know what you’re thinking: it’s too early to even think about the fall; after all it’s only May…BUT I was snooping around the internet today and stumbled upon this…OSP’s (OneStopPlus.com) Fall 2011 Collection!

:~D <– Excited FACE!

Now, I vowed not to go shopping crazy since I’m in a transitional phase with my weight but these gorgeous frocks (Purple Trench Coat Dress!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!) seriously had me considering emptying my bank account. Check it out below. I’d love to hear what you think of this coming season’s fashions from OSP. I was/am a HUGE fan of the OPS Spring Show. (Video posted below.) It felt light, airy, fresh, flowing and full of tranquility. In direct contrast the OSP’s Fall 2011 Collection is rich, dark, entrancing, and sultry…very city chic. (BTW, Sultrous Garden is the prefect title for this collection.) I hate to say this but it felt very Twilight-y. (For all you Twi-hards out there you’ll get the reference.) Although this writer isn’t sure the over all collection will appeal to the average consumer, I think any fashion minded plus-size woman would gladly strut her stuff in any of these pieces. Where the collection’s unveiling lacks variety in model size and shape, which is definitely problematic when it comes to plus size clothing, it does make up with a certain “je ne sais quoi.” With its sophisticated mystery and pulsating bass driven music this collection’s preview delivers in a very real way the idea that the viewer can, only  if she wears any of the pieces in the collection, also be a voluptuous sultry kitten on the prowl.


Spring Preview video: (Collection is on onestopplus.com)

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